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Hullo there, I'm Ryou Bakura and it's really fantastic to meet you.

I guess I should list what I enjoy doing here? I like RPGs and writing quite a bit.

If I ever seem a bit..strange to you, I really do apologize!
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Er, well. Thanks? And you’re welcome. I just - Malik, you’re really good at drawing. 

Your welcome Ryou, I-I’m glad you like them and I am still sorry for the surprise of  the sketch.

It’s no problem Malik - really, I don’t get why you’re apologizing at all! *blushes* Well…we kind of ran out of stuff to do. Unless you can think of something else you want to do?

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    *nods and smiles, heading to the kitchen* So, I pretty much have whatever you can think of to drink. *pulls out the...
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    Um, you mentioned something about popcorn? We could go make that, yeah. *gets up again* So..to the kitchen?